Crossing Borders
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Apps, E-business, online advertising, gamification, mobile marketing, Business Forecasting Our world is digitalising. That's why NowarkRengelink first integrates IT development within one organisation. In doing so we break through boundaries and create effective, new marketing and communications concepts, from Business Forecasting to consumer oriented personal shopping advice. But we also push boundaries on a technological front, as we have proved with our health app and 100% personalised museum guidance.

Our expertise will not allow itself to be constrained. We break through boundaries. Please contact us to find out what our digital creativity can do for you.

Strategy and Creation

Marketing Consult

Information Technology

Big Data as a source for Business Forecasting

Ongoing digitalisation results in enormous growth in the amount of data containing a wealth of information. NowarkRengelink leads the way in extracting maximum value from this great diversity and the complex data sources by exploiting the right information. This enables us to make customer profiles, customer behaviours and decision profiles a unique form of Business Forecasting, for a countless number of organisational purposes, such as strategic marketing, business forecasting & advertising. Everything you need to allow you to focus on your objective.

No limits

From a clear vision to effective strategy and creation. At NowarkRengelink we feel at home across the entire playing field, with all resources, including multimedia, analogue and digital. From corporate branding to fashion campaigns, from serious game to business interior design, from app to social media marketing. A contact point for you and a one-stop-shop for all of our expertise. From concept to professional roll-out, thanks to a strong NR-team and back-up of a talented network.

Innovating the future

App-design, Bluetooth LE technology, iBeacons, gamification… we lead the way with the very latest technologies and develop completely new concepts. We can help you to develop mobile apps and web applications for use in marketing, sales, HR, communications, e-commerce and other areas. We apply iBeacon technology to informative and commercial concepts but we quite literally go further with our in-house developed Long Range Beacon technology. We are always the first with technological innovations so we know what the future holds.