From zoo
to retail shopping.

An iBeacon is a compact wireless transmitter which sends signals via bluetooth which can be received by an app on a tablet or smartphone. Traditional beacons have a range of around 50 metres. In its own tech lab NowarkRengelink has developed a long range beacon which can transmit for several hundred metres.

Both variants offer unique opportunities for marketing concepts. This technology enables retailers to transmit information and offers to passers-by.

Using beacon technology we ensure that you can provide your customers or visitors with the correct information - so precisely what you want to tell them and precisely what your customers need - at the right time and in the right location. Completely personal! The result is greater customer satisfaction, increased sales and lower costs due to savings on other - less effective - communications media.

NowarkRengelink also applies iBeacon technology in a personalized guidance concept and personal shop advising concepts for shopping centres in the Netherlands and Germany. For this application we always select the innovative and energy-saving Bluetooth Low Energy variant.


A retailer installs an iBeacon in the window display alongside a fashionable leather handbag. Passers-by receive additional information about this bag on their smartphones, so they can see straight away in what other colours and models the bag is available. At the push of a button they can place an order. The bag is the delivered to their home the next day. By doing this the retailer has dramatically extended the function of its window display and the sale can go ahead outside store opening hours!

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